Meet our Founder, Virginia “Mary” Vidal

Virginia Vidal; Global Brand Ambassador; and Founder of M.W. Ltd. a Canadian Cannabis Tea Company; Leading the company as CEO, and communication M.W. message to audiences across America and abroad; Most recently a Keynote speaker at the Tea and Herbal Association of Canada's Year end directors meeting; Through a charismatic presence; and authentic origins Virginia Vidal is bridging the gap between Corporate and Craft Cannabis.

As a Mother of 6 Children; Virginia was pregnant with triplets; and at the same time she was a caretaker to her aging grandmother; complications with multiple births were beginning to arise due to the phenom of 4 lives residing in one body; The professionals recommended child reduction and harsh drugs; this was not an option; through research and literature; Virginia found the Wellness noted through the Cannabis plant; Unable to smoke due to the pregnancy she brewed a tea; this tea was extremely beneficial; as no medication was needed after this point; and the three children were born at healthy weights and left the hospital with their Mom; Today they are healthy; bright students; Marys Wellness Tea was born; through Health Canada Virginia obtained a MMPR licence; she began to make her tea; and share her story with others; so more mothers and people a like could drink a tea and benefit through the Wellness of cannabis.

Virginia is also well known for her public speaking in regards to wellness, motherhood, and personal development at various cannabis events across the country. She has been an event speaker for over 3 years and has hosted multiple panels at events like: Cannabis Life, Lift, O Cannabis, Grow Up, and lastly, Invest TO.


Let's brew some tea!